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September 2014

The situation

A machine builder in the confectionary industry was in search of a hygienic and thermally insulating housing for a new production line it had developed itself.

The request

Innclose was asked to design a housing that must satisfy criteria including the following:

compliance with regulations for food safety such as HACCP;suitable for the detection of undesired particles;resistant to corrosion and chemical cleaning products;easy to clean by means including a welded floor at a gradient and the provision of drainage ducts and piping.

The solution

Our solution satisfied the abovementioned criteria, with a number of performance-improving features on top. We accordingly integrated a technical cooling facility in the insulating skin to guarantee the production of confectionary with an identical taste.

 The applicable hygiene and safety standards were respected;the housing has a short assembly time with its plug & play design;prefab elements are incorporated in the insulated floors that bear the full weight of the production line.

The result

The machine housing was custom-designed and neatly matches the production line. Account was taken of hygiene and control of the process with the insulating viewing windows fitted flush in the door leaves. Swing doors and sections were fitted in all positions that must be kept accessible for operation, servicing or cleaning. The housing is also assembled with as few as possible joints. Both the machine builder and the confectionary producer were extremely pleased with the result: from the design process and manufacture up to and including flawless bringing into use.