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Februar 2015

The situation

For the development of a new type of aircraft, a European aircraft manufacturer made a test cabinet that is used to rigorously test the hydraulics of an aircraft wing.  Innclose designed and constructed a test cabinet that is required for this test rig. In the housing, the drive of the flaps which make sure that the aeroplane is able to take off and land safely is tested under extreme temperatures.

The request

Our client was looking for a housing with a fixed bottom and a tilting top segment with a temperature resistance from -60°C to +100°C. The entire cabinet had to be made of stainless steel, because of the special oil that is being used. Lead-throughs were required on various locations for the different shafts of the drive and the cooling and heating tubes. The client also wanted a sight glass in the front of the cabinet to provide a constant view of how the equipment works while testing.

The solution

Considering the temperature range, we selected a combined panel of high quality PU and mineral wool. This provides the test cabinet with an optimum insulation value. The joint between the lower and top section has been provided with electrical heating. The front edges of the panels have been provided with HMPE profiles in which rubber has been incorporated for the benefit of a good seal. A window was mounted. Under all conditions, this window will allow a good view of the equipment while performing the tests.

The result

The cabinet does not only look good, it also meets all our client’s requirements and wishes. The cabinet is set-up below a complete aircraft wing and is used to perform the endurance tests. In this way Innclose is able to contribute to safe aviation.